"Unmooring" Concert

featuring Roll and Go, Cliff Haslam, Deb Cowan,
Jon Campbell, Bob Webb, Bob Walser, and Ilsha
Friday, June 9, 2006
Lighthouse Point

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Roll & Go Kick Off the Friday Night Concert (ww)

Jeff Logan of Roll & Go Leading "Outward Bound" (jb)

Norris Dale adds Pennywhistle to "Outward Bound" (ww)

Roll & Go (jb)

Jeff Logan, Norris Dale, Dick Dufresne, Eli Dale and Charlie Ipcar (ww)

Roll & Go in Concert Friday Night (jb)

The Crowd at Lighthouse Point (jb)

Eli Dale of Roll & Go Leading "Sarafina" (jb)

Dick Dufresne of Roll & Go Leading "One More Day" (jb)

Cliff Haslam (jb)

Cliff Haslam (jb)

Debra Cowan (jb)

Jon Campbell Waiting for Sound (jb)

Jon Campbell (jb)

Jon Campbell Unleashes "Catch and Release" (jb)

Bob Webb (jb)

Bob Webb (jb)

Bob and Helen Webb (jb)

Bob Walser (jb)

Ilsha from Bangladesh (jb)

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Photos by Wendy West (ww) and Judy Barrows (jb)
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